Order Services

  1. Ordering Process Ordering at Hopota is a breeze. Simply select the items you wish to purchase, enter your shipping address, and payment information to place your order. For any assistance, feel free to call our customer service team Monday to Saturday.
  2. Delivery Process Your order will be delivered to your doorstep through reputable courier companies.
  3. Order Confirmation Upon successful order placement, you will receive a confirmation call, email, and text message from Hopota. The email will contain all relevant details regarding your order. You can also view order details in “My Account -> My Orders” if you placed the order online.
  4. Phone Orders We accept orders over the phone, with Cash on Delivery as the payment option.
  5. Payment Issues If your debit/credit card isn’t working, we can assist you over the phone. Call us at +1 650 419 2674.
  6. Payment Failure Refund In case of a payment failure, if your account has been debited, banks typically roll back the amount within 7 business days. Timelines may vary; check with your bank for details.
  7. Hopota Credits Deducted from Account If your order is unsuccessful, and Hopota credits have been deducted, we will initiate a refund within 3 days.
  8. Order Status Check Your order status is regularly updated via emails and SMS at each step. You will receive an email with order details upon placement and an SMS with tracking details upon dispatch.
  9. Order Cancellation To cancel your order, contact Customer Service via the “Contact Us” form or call us at +1 650 419 2674 with your order number before dispatch. If already dispatched but undelivered, please reject the delivery and inform Customer Care. Refunds will be processed as per our Return policies.
  10. Confirmation Call for Orders A confirmation call ensures order accuracy.
  11. Bulk Orders For bulk orders, email your requirements to [email protected], and the concerned team will assist you.
  12. Gift Orders – Invoices and Price Tags Due to regulations, we send the invoice with the product. Price tags are left intact for potential returns.
  13. Product Trials and Returns We encourage trying purchased items, ensuring they remain in resalable condition with original tags, unwashed, undamaged, and in the original packaging. Refer to our Return Policies for more information.
  14. Product Exchanges Ordered the wrong size? No problem! We offer exchanges. Read our Exchange Policy for details.
  15. Adding Items After Order Placement Unfortunately, you can’t add items after placing an order, but you can create a new order.
  16. Fraud by Consumers, Third-Parties, and Employees 16.1 Consumer Fraud:We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our services and products. Any attempt by consumers to engage in fraudulent activities, including but not limited to identity theft, payment fraud, or false claims, will be taken seriously. Such actions may result in account suspension, legal action, and reporting to relevant authorities.16.2 Third-Party Fraud:We strictly prohibit any involvement of third-parties in fraudulent activities related to our offerings. Any collusion, misrepresentation, or unauthorized use by third-parties to deceive or manipulate our systems will be subject to legal action, termination of partnerships, and reporting to appropriate authorities.16.3 Employee Fraud:Our employees are expected to adhere to the highest ethical standards. Any form of fraudulent behavior by employees, including embezzlement, unauthorized access, or misuse of company resources, will result in immediate termination of employment, legal action, and reporting to law enforcement agencies.
  17. Disputes by Consumers 17.1 Resolution Process:In the event of a dispute between the company and a consumer, we encourage open communication to resolve issues amicably. Consumers are encouraged to contact our customer support team to initiate the resolution process. 17.2 Arbitration:If a resolution cannot be reached through direct communication, both parties agree to engage in arbitration as a means of resolving the dispute. An impartial third-party arbitrator will be appointed to evaluate the situation and provide a binding decision. 17.3 Legal Recourse:If arbitration does not result in a satisfactory resolution, both parties retain the right to seek legal recourse. Any legal action will be subject to the laws and jurisdiction specified in our Terms of Service.
  18. Consumer Complaints 18.1 Complaint Submission:We value feedback from our consumers and take all complaints seriously. Consumers can submit complaints through our email: [email protected]. 18.2 Investigation and Response:Upon receiving a complaint, our team will conduct a thorough investigation and provide a response within 3 business days. 18.3 Continuous Improvement:Consumer complaints are viewed as opportunities for improvement. We continuously analyze feedback to identify patterns and trends, implementing proactive measures to prevent similar issues in the future.